Fook Horse Immigrants Opening Ceremony

Fook Horse Immigrants Opening Ceremony: Formally set sail through the wind and waves



On June 15 2020, Fook Horse Immigrants Opening Ceremony and Brand Launch Conference was grandly held in Shenzhen. During that day, the founders of Fook Horse Immigrants, the heads of various departments, and many industrial elites, business partners, and media attended our opening ceremony to witness this important moment. At 10 o'clock in the morning, Fook Horse MMIGRANTS completed the ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony. Under the joint witness of all leaders and guests, Fook Horse Immigrants formally set sail on the wind and waves!


Fook Horse Immigrants was established in 2018. In the past two years, it has created identity planning for tens of millions of families. Besides, It provides the services of immigration for more than 50 projects in more than 20 countries for various elites. At the same time, The accumulated experience allows Fook Horse Immigrants to have a deeper understanding of the overseas market. As the Chinese economy enters a new stage, people have more needs of the education of children, asset allocation, quality of life, and the international development of personal careers and families. High demands have prompted the immigration industry to enter a new era of professional standards. Fook Horse Immigrants deeply understands the users’ needs, integrates multiple resources, recombines the company's business sector, and the new journey has begun!





Professional team deals with all-round issues of immigration


Looking back to 2019, the trend of global migration continues to climb. At the opening ceremony site, Mr. Liu Shihong, general manager of Fook Horse Immigrants, introduced to the guests and the media that Fook Horse Immigrants was co-founded by a professional project team, legal team, and tax team. The foundation was established in Shenzhen, with branches in Hong Kong and Macau. Fook Horse Immigrants develops three business modules: identity configuration, overseas property purchase, and cross-border services, providing customers with one-stop overseas immigration services such as overseas immigration, investment property purchase, study abroad, financial services, and cross-border services.



As an internet overseas immigration investment service agency, in the next three years, Fook Horse Immigrants will set up branches in major cities to expand the business.


After the ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony was completed, Fook Horse Immigrants leaders, all employees and all guests attended the celebration reception. At the reception, there were many wonderful performances including violin performance, piano performance, song singing and model walk.





Light immigration and light assets  solve the needs of market diversification


The person in charge of Fook Horse Immigrants also delivered a speech at the scene. He said: This opening ceremony is a new starting point for Fook Horse Immigrants. With the increase of economic strength, the assets that Chinese individuals can invest in continue to expand, and the number of overseas investments and Immigrants has rapidly increased. Currently, China has become the fourth largest immigrant exporter in the world.



Nowadays, the status of immigration are not enough for most people, the issues such as child education, children's overseas employment, livable pension, medical care, family wealth inheritance, etc also required to be fully considered. Therefore, Fook Horse Immigrants adhere to the concept of "light immigration" and "light assets", providing services with three core advantages of professional, one-stop and large-scale operation concept to solve the diversified needs of customers. It includes the services such as identity planning, overseas property purchase and cross-border service for high net worth people.






Continuous to improve, target at new opportunities in the market


In the phase of rapid economic development, more and more people require to go further and look at the wider world, such as investing in overseas real estate, paying for children’s study abroad, and traveling abroad. This increases in demand has led to a growing need for professional cross-border services. In order to cater for this market demands, Fook Horse Immigrants provides various cross-border services to serve the elites of various countries and regions such as people come from China, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America with an international condition.




As the cocktail party came to an end, the opening ceremony of Fook Horse Immigrants ended perfectly. This subjects to a new starting point and a new journey. Fook Horse Immigrants will insist the concept of ‘ customer interests always in the first place, services of credibility supremacy’ to continue to move forward through the wind and waves, and build a benchmark platform for Internet overseas immigration services.


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