The Montenegro Ambassador to China cordially met with Fook Horse Immigration Chairman

Recently, Zhou Deyang, Chairman of Fook Horse Immigration, was invited to visit the Embassy of Montenegro in China and was cordially received by Mr. H.E. Darko Pajovic, the ambassador of Montenegro in China. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on issues of common concern and future cooperation in various fields.

Through communication with the Montenegro Ambassador to China, I learned that Montenegro has successfully completed its reform agenda, made key progress in economic policy, stabilized public finances, and strived to create better living conditions for all citizens. Over the past three years, Montenegro has achieved remarkable achievements. Montenegro’s economy has grown at an alarming rate, public finances have been strengthened and stabilized, and at the same time it has received income of 350 million euros and constituted the largest capital budget. Used to fund all infrastructure in Montenegro.

2020 will be a bumper year for Montenegro. Judging from the current figures, Montenegro’s economy and public finance have achieved good results. Montenegro has already started the process of joining the EU, and has received extensive support from officials of EU member states. The European Commission said that by 2025, Montenegro is expected to join the EU. Montenegro is a country that is open to investment and naturalization projects, and is a candidate for the European Union from the eastward expansion of the EU with the euro as the legal currency. As the top EU candidate country to join the EU, Montenegro's naturalization investment project is considered by the immigration industry as a "potential stock" and a "high-growth stock".



The frequent interaction and friendly exchanges between the Montenegrin government and Fook Horse immigrants prove that the Montenegro government attaches importance and recognition to Fook Horse immigrants. As a Chinese promotion agency for investment projects in Montenegro, Fook Horse Immigrants is confident and capable of doing related promotion work for investment projects in Montenegro, providing professional and high-quality investment and immigration services for investors in investment projects in Montenegro.

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