Job Responsibilities

1. 1-2 years of relevant work experience;

2. Understand portal websites, sensitive to news events and topics, familiar with the Internet, and those with media resources are preferred;

3. Have independent planning and organization skills and excellent writing and copywriting skills;

4. Skilled use of office software such as forms and image processing software;

5. Practical, with a strong sense of work responsibility, a positive working attitude, and a strong ability to withstand pressure.


1. Formulate optimization strategies through the principles and characteristics of major search engines and ranking rules;

2. Carry out internal optimization of the website, including content optimization, keyword optimization, internal link optimization, code optimization, picture optimization, etc.;

3. Develop and implement the company's website SEO promotion plan, website SEO site optimization and keyword ranking;

4. Monitor website keywords, monitor and research other website related practices, formulate and implement company product SEO specifications.

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