Financial Management Accounting

Job Responsibilities

1. Strong financial information statistics, forecasting, and analysis capabilities—must have work experience in the software industry or Internet companies.

2. Familiar with the company's financial management system and have the ability to optimize

3. Familiar with all aspects of financial work and understand accounting methods

4. The company's economic business operation process, internal control and risk management knowledge

5. Familiar with domestic and foreign tax policies, with global tax experience or ability is preferred

6. Ability to read and communicate in English

7. Has strong EXCEl and PPT skills.

8. Strong pressure resistance, can adapt to high-intensity work.


1. Responsible for the financial operation management of the business department, analyze the business situation of the business department, and put forward professional suggestions to improve the efficiency of the business department;

2. Necessity review of the application funds of the business department to ensure the return of income;

3. Complete the business analysis of the business department and the company, and issue a special analysis report;

4. Coordinate the resources of the business department and other departments to promote the achievement of the goals of the business department.

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