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The Fook Horse Group is located in the Art Mountain Building of Shenzhen.The whole european decoration style is simple and elegant. The working environment is comfortable. The employee rest area, dining area and study area are all included. Besides, we have established branches in Hong Kong and Macao. We build and provide comfortable and innovative office environment which can embody cultural characteristic of the Fook Horse Group to local employees.


The vision and mission of the Fook Horse Group is to let enterprise and employees grow together and carry on it. We formulate the strategy for sustainable development and make it a priority criterion which will fully integrate into the overall development strategy of the enterprise.

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Shenzhen Headquarters

TEL:+86 755 86703935

Fax number:+86 755 86702925


Level 12 block 1, 1 SOHO Art Ridge Building ,Xi Xiang street,Baoan district, Shenzhen, China